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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elegant 2009

Jewelry Designer Catherine Nicole Offers Elegant 2009 Styles

Jewelry designer Catherine Nicole is a Parsons graduate with a natural interest in the exotic. Her line is composed primarily from sterling silver, 14 karat gold-fill, and semi-precious stones from around the world.

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Catherine Nicole designs exhibit a modern sensibility with simple shapes combined in sophisticated groupings that evoke Indigenous cultures and express a bold feminine flair. Part princess, part jazz singer, the Cathrine Nicole customer can wear these peices with casual fashions or evening dresses

Highlights: Katya Necklace featuring antique Tibetan pendant made of sterline sivler and gunmetal, Carla Necklace in Chalcedony and 14 Karat Gold Fill.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Red Watch Style

Gerald Genta Arena QP GMT


Swiss luxury watchmaking hothouse Gerald Genta can be expected to issue unusual pieces that defy conventional haute horlogerie expectations and the new Arena QP GMT piece is a reflection of this ethos. Dominated by red and black, the watch is at first glance unusually restrained, largely because it is a round watch.

The Bulgari-owned brand is more or less expected to offer odd touches in the case shape and, closer inspection reveals a fluted case middle and a protected crown, set apart from the case middle.

Looking at the furious mix of numerals on the dial, one might also wonder where the GMT indication is, amidst all the perpetual calendar information. Clearly, this is another unconventional touch.

The GMT and perpetual calendar information are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively, although the first glance at this 45mm watch may be deceptive. Both counters use a dagger-shaped hand to provide indication while the day and month counters are rotating discs.

The perforated dial allows a glimpse of the Potter-finished self-winding movement. The watch is available in titanium and platinum and is water resistant to 100 meters, showcasing the robustness of the case construction.

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Luxury Car 2009


2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss Bound for Detroit

With several automakers having opted to pull out of the Detroit Auto Show next month, Mercedes-Benz’s announcement that it will unveil the 2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss at the show could not have been more timely.

Set to be one of the show’s top drawers, the roofless variant of this SLR is the last model to roll out under the Mercedes-McLaren partnership.

Named after the legendary British racecar driver who bagged his first F1 Grand Prix title driving a Mercedes-Benz and set a record time in the 1955 Mille Miglia race in a 300 SLR, the Stirling Moss roadster hides a 650-hp supercharged 5.5-liter V8 and five-speed automatic transmission borrowed from its SLR 722 cousin.

It accomplishes a 0-62mph burst in 3.5 seconds, and top speed is pegged at 217 mph. Fully clad in carbon fiber, the topless roadster also features gullwing doors and a two-piece tonneau cover for the cockpit carefully stowed away in the trunk, just in case the lung-bursting acceleration is too much to take for your well-coiffed hairdo. Only 75 of these roadsters would be built, and each would command 750,000 euros (or US$1.07 million). Read More..